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Welche Sniper ist die beste in Season 3? Mit diesen 5 Sniper Rifles ist der Warzone Victory zum greifen nah Best Sniper in Warzone. Currently, the best sniper rifle in Warzone is the LW3 - Tundra. It may be slow and cumbersome to use, but the most important thing with a sniper rifle in Warzone is guaranteeing that one-shot-kill headshot - and with a properly kitted Tundra you can pretty much eliminate bullet drop, making that headshot much easier to earn than with other rifles Sniper sind in Call of Duty: Warzone eine beliebte Klasse. MeinMMO stellt euch für jedes der beliebten Scharfschützengewehre das beste Loadout vor

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Without a doubt, the top 3 aggressive snipers in Warzone are the Kar98k, Pellington, and Swiss K31. However, one of them is better than the others. In his latest video, True Game Data compared the most important stats of all the best sniper loadouts in Warzone Season 3 In this guide, we'll go through the best snipers Warzone has to offer, while highlighting many rifles that work across various playstyles. 1. SP-R 208 marksman rifl Because the AX-50's fire rate is slightly faster than the HDR, it was considered the best sniper during the first few seasons of Warzone. The thermal dual power nerf forced players away from the..

Best Sniper in Warzone - Kar98k. The best sniper in Warzone Season 2, that should be in every loadout, is the Kar98k. It has incredibly quick ADS speed, high accuracy, and good bullet velocity. Check out its stats here as True Game Data compared it to the SP-R 208 and Pellington Call Of Duty WARZONE: RANKING Every Sniper & Marksman Rifle! (WARZONE Best Loadouts) - YouTube. Call Of Duty WARZONE: RANKING Every Sniper & Marksman Rifle! (WARZONE Best Loadouts) Watch later.

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CoD Warzone: SP-R 208 und Kar 98k - Die 2 besten DMRs mit Setups im Vergleich Der Vorteil der DMRs gegenüber den dicken Scharfschützen-Gewehren ist ihre viel bessere Mobilität Die besten Sniper in Warzone. Call of Duty. Verify your age. Are you over 18 years of age or older? Yes No. Daniel Ribeiro + Add to my list. Teilen Copy Link Whatsapp Facebook Twitter Reddit THUMBS UP. Scharfschützengewehre sind in jedem Shooter vertreten und die ideale Wahl, wenn es darum geht Gegner auf besonders große Distanzen auszuschalten. Damit eignen sie sich also perfekt für. Die beste Sniper in Call of Duty Warzone ist die AX-50, dicht gefolgt von der HDR. Die AX50 und die HDR sind sich schon recht ähnlich was die Werte angeht, allerdings ist die AX50 noch ein wenig klein wenig besser. Beim AX50 Setup für Warzone sollte man auf jeden Fall als Mündung den Schalldämpfer (Monolith) anbringen, als Lauf den 32″ Fabrik-Lauf, als Schaft den Singuard Arms.

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  1. Best secondary weapons for Warzone sniping MAC-10: Close range If you like to get up-close and personal for your fights, the MAC-10 is the secondary weapon for you. Begin a fight with a well-placed headshot from the Kar98k or Tundra, then push up with your MAC-10 in hand for quick clean-up
  2. Best Sniper Rifle: HDR vs AX-50 Comparison. This article is for both Modern Warfare Multiplayer and Warzone. Distinct Characteristics For Both . Unlike most other weapons, HDR & AX-50 has distinct characteristics that makes them highly preference oriented. Your experience with each Sniper Rifle will vary greatly based on your playstyle. We.
  3. The Kar98k is the best Warzone Marksman rifle, as it's very reliable when you need to pick off enemies in the distance. This particular setup increases your ADS speed, so if you spot an opponent,..
  4. All in all, while it won't replace the top marksman rifles, the Swiss K31 seems to be the new top sniper rifle to use in Warzone. If you're yet to master those marksman rifles and want to try.

The Rytec AMR is a great choice for those who plan on partaking in more aggressive long range firefights. Whereas the HDR is much better for slower deliberate encounters, the Rytec is best when taking out multiple enemies in fast succession The best Sniper in Warzone Season 2 is the LW3 - Tundra, and here's why. When using a Sniper in Warzone, you're looking for a guaranteed kill as quickly as possible. The factors we're taking into. Now the BEST SNIPER in Warzone! Subscribe and ring the bell to get notified when we post a video! Watch Me Live https://www.Twitch.Tv/Nickmercs. RYTEC AMR. The RYTEC AMR is another excellent sniper that you can have as a primary weapon. The weapon was introduced midway through Season 4 and is amongst the highly ranked weapon in the game right now. The sniper is also capable of taking down opponents with a single headshot, just like the HDR and the ARX-50

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We compared the top sniper rifles in Warzone to see which ones are the best. There are many things to consider when it comes to determining the best sniper. Some things we look at are damage profile, bullet velocity, and ease of use. Since Warzone became available, there has been an ongoing debate between whether the HDR or AX-50 is the best. We're going to provide an in-depth look at each. HDR - Best Sniper in Warzone Season 3. The battle is on between the new Swiss K31 and the HDR but the latter is still getting more votes from the players as it still proves to be a beast of a weapon. Loadout Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor; Barrel: 26.9″ HDR Pro; Stock: FTAC Champion; Optic: Thermal Sniper Scope/Thermal Dual Power Scop Throughout the history of Call of Duty: Warzone, many sniper rifles have come and gone.Currently, the Kar98k is the best overall sniper rifle, but it isn't for everyone. Its low-scope.

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  1. Arguably the best sniper rifle in Warzone, the Kar98k is a staple of the battle royale game thanks to its quick aim down sights time and high bullet velocity
  2. Die Warzone-Map Verdansk ist ein Paradies für Sniper: Unzählige Hochhausdächer, freie Flächen und Gebirgszüge machen die Scharfschützengewehre für viele Spieler zu einem Must-have im Loadout. Während die Kar98k als Karabiner die beliebteste Wahl für den Sniper-Slot ist, positioniert sich die HDR direkt dahinter
  3. Best CoD: Warzone Season 3 Loadouts And Guns. Call of Duty: Warzone is closing in on a new gun meta, but for the moment, there are a few powerful guns setups to test out for Season 3
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  5. RELATED: Call Of Duty Warzone: The 10 Best Pieces Of Equipment. This list will go over multiple things from pointers for beginners to tips for more seasoned players of Warzone and help players improve both their skills and their sniping strategies within the game. Without further ado here are 10 tips that will make any player a master sniper! 10 Don't Shoot At Vehicles. Shooting at vehicles.
  6. Die neue Call of Duty Warzone-Karte Verdansk '84 bietet viele offene Bereiche, die sich perfekt für Teamkämpfe aus großer Entfernung eignen. Es gibt kein besseres Werkzeug, um Feinde aus der Ferne auszuschalten, als ein richtig eingestelltes Scharfschützengewehr. Findet heraus, welche Sniper unserer Top 5-Auflistung am besten zu eurem Spiel passt
  7. The ZRG 20 mm sniper rifle was added to Warzone earlier in April and is one of the best sniper rifles available in Warzone Season 3. This weapon excels at extreme long-range encounters due to having the highest bullet velocity of any sniper rifle and the largest kill zone in all warzone. As a tradeoff this rifle also has the slowest fire rate of any rifle in the game, so this isn't the best.
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While Warzone's best players aren't particularly infatuated with the Black Ops Cold War snipers (or even assault rifles, for that matter), the best option is undoubtedly the LW3 Tundra Best Sniper Loadouts in Call of Duty Warzone - Kar 98k. Even with a silencer equipped, an attentive player can hear an AX-50 from across the map. Therefore, for those who want to truly embrace the stealth-sniper play style, the Kar 98k will answer the call. While it may not be able to compete with the stopping power of the Rytec AMR, or the range of the AX-50, the Kar 98 can still hold its own. These were top Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty: Warzone for new players. Remember that playing with a sniper rifle is not as simple as it sounds. It is difficult to sit in ambush in a royal battle for a long time. Therefore, it is better to take something for medium distances as a second weapon. Or try to master the AX-50, which is good all the time during the match. For the final fight, Kar.98k. Warzone best weapons in Season 3 explained: Our best assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, SMG and LMG weapon recommendations The best weapons you should aim for in multiplayer 176k members in the Warzone community. Halo 5 Warzone

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It goes without saying that proper aiming is undoubtedly the most vital skill of all, in order to become a powerful sniper in Call of Duty: Warzone. Your instincts and reflexes need to be well ingrained, which can come with right practice. Apart from that, you need to configure your settings aptly for the best results. Here are some points to keep in regard to this Warzone best ZRG 20mm loadout: Our ZRG 20mm class setup recommendation and how to unlock the ZRG 20mm explained How to get the most out of the ZRG 20mm in Call of Duty: Warzone The best sniper rifles in Call of Duty: Warzone. by Rssbot January 27, 2021, 5:52 pm 163 Views. Share Tweet. Image via Activision . Sniping and Call of Duty go hand in hand. And sniper rifles are popular weapons in large maps of battle royale games. So when Call of Duty dropped the popular Warzone battle royale, it makes sense that sniper rifles would move to the forefront. The weapon meta in.

There are three most used sniper rifles in Warzone: HDR, AX-50 and Dragunov. The two common contenders for being the best are the AX-50 and HDR Best Kilo 101 loadout Warzone: Boost the punchy AR Despite its overpowered stats for a mere marksman rifle, the best SP-R 208 Warzone loadout is more about exploring the weapon's ranged. Das beste ZRG 20mm Sniper Setup für Warzone. Ein paar kleine Warnungen vorweg: die ZRG 20mm hat kaum Munition und ist langsam, seeeehr langsam. Sowohl das Nachladen als auch jede Art von Bewegung fühlt sich an, wie in Zeitlupe. Warum ist sie trotzdem gut? Wegen des Schadens! Die ZRG 20mm Sniper kann mit einem Schuss überall oberhalb der Hüfte töten und verfügt als Sniper über eine. The best loadout for the M82 sniper rifle in Call of Duty: Warzone is: Wrapped Suppressor - The Wrapped Suppressor will offer sound suppression on every shot alongside this. It also increases the. What to prefer a sniper in the main battle royale of 2020. Given the huge size of the Call of Duty: Warzone map and the large number of objects you can hide behind, it is important in this game to get weapons with high accuracy and armor penetration as quickly as possible. Sniper rifles are ideal for these requirements - they will be discussed in our guide

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Either of these are helpful for a sniper in Warzone. The choice of weapon to specifically use might come down to preference. Out of these two builds, the LW3 is the best at traditional sniping. The Pelington 703 is a bit more versatile and even has some bonuses for speed, mid-range play, and no-scoping. Perks. Perks are a vital tool in your Cold War sniper loadout, but they can come down. When it comes to the top snipers in Call of Duty: Warzone, Modern Warfare's Kar98k is the preferred head-popper by players. However, Black Ops Cold War now has the Swiss K31 sniper in its arsenal, and it looks, on the surface at least, like a carbon copy of the Kar98k. But can it go scope to scope. The best sniper rifles and attachments in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone. All guns are split in four tiers. All guns are split in four tiers. The analysis has been provided by qKatana, a veteran Call of Duty player who wrote each gun guide only after unlocking the corresponding Gold camo

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Using Sniper Rifles, earn 2 Longshot medals in 10 different matches. Now if you own Black Ops Cold War and you're not solely a Warzone player, then completing this challenge there should be. Best Warzone Sniper of 2021. Learning about the Best Warzone Sniper, you will enjoy the best brands such as: Gulag Friends, FDG Entertainment, Military Sniper Tees, N/A, Gamo, Dion Wear, Sticker Like, Buzz Bee, BBTac, MODDEDZONE, FiveToy, UKARMS, Generic, Findom, UGY. Together with Garminas US to evaluate, analyze, and review details about the Best Warzone Sniper via AI and Big Data. Compare. Sniper rifles in COD Warzone have been extremely useful since the release of the battle royale and aren't likely to go anywhere. For a while, the AX-50 and the HDR were really the only two sniper.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 has finally launched, so it's time to explore the new map, figure out how to beat all the cheaters, and, most importantly, try all the guns to find the best weapon. Getting three quick shot kills in Warzone seems like it could take a while, especially if Warzone Rumble falls off the playlist. While some players routinely use this firing method, it is a bit unconventional for most. Below, we'll help even the most novice of snipers tackle a simple loadout to tackle those pesky quick shot challenges Players can change a few attachments if they feel the game requires it. Although, these are the best loadouts players can have for season 3. This will likely change as the meta-game continues to evolve. More: Warzone: How to Unlock The Swiss K31 Sniper. Warzone is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC Popular streamer Nick 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff has revealed the best sniper for Call of Duty: Warzone with his choice being the Kar98 with a few different attachments Auf extreme Distanzen einem geübten Sniper klar unterlegen. Fazit: Die beste und vielseitigste Wahl für Sturmgewehre in Warzone! Drift0r empfiehlt vor allem Canted Hybrid als seine persönliche.

The LW3 Tundra sniper rifle is still one of the best options for long-distance sniper action in Warzone, and that is still true in Season 2. The LW3 Tundra especially started to shine after a series of nerfs for DMR 14 and Type 63 , which were dominating the Season 1 meta in Warzone, and now for many players, this is the best sniper rifle available in the game Of course, once that's achieved, the next step is figuring out what attachments to run on the game's latest sniper. Best Swiss K31 loadout in Warzone. A bolt-action sniper, the Swiss K31 is a compact weapon that doesn't quite pack the punch other guns in the class do. However, it features great quickscoping ability and player mobility, allowing some aggressive playstyles. For fans of.

The Season Two Reloaded mid-season update has introduced a new sniper into Call of Duty: Warzone. The best ZRG 20mm sniper loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone - Flipboard Flipboard Hom Read More: How To Get Ambassador Adler Skin In Black Ops Cold War And Warzone. The Best Quickscope Sniper In Cold War. After spending several hours quickscoping the opposition with both snipers, we came to the conclusion that the best sniper to use to quickscope is the Pelington 703. The Pelington's superior mobility over the Tundra was perfect for navigating the map quickly in order to find.

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best ZRG 20MM loadouts class Secondary weapon. I actually like operating this weapon with a good sniper assist gun. A midrange FFAR 1 construct or my (excellent, in case you ask me) mac10 loadout would work absolute wonders with the ZRG 20mm, so give them a attempt in case you fancy. READ more: BEST WARZONE TOP 10 SKIN OPERATOR 202 Warzone M13 Sniper Loadout Attachments. The basics of the M13 stay the same, with a foregrip, suppressor, and long-range barrel. Muzzle - Monolithic Suppressor; Barrel - Tempus Marksman; Underbarrel - Commando Foregrip ; Ammunition - 60 Round Mags; Optic - Sniper Scope; The gun works best over long distances but can be good for mid-range engagements too. To become a real laser beam in Warzone MontanaBlack hat ebenso wie Call of Duty Warzone Erfolg. Jetzt gibt der Streamer sein Test-Fazit zum Battle Royale von Activision zum besten

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  1. Call of Duty: Warzone features the same weapons as Modern Warfare, but their use is radically different due to the Battle Royale gameplay. In Warzone, it takes longer to kill and that is something to consider. What remains just as deadly is the sniper rifle and in this guide, we tell you which is the best loadout for snipers in Warzone
  2. Best Call of Duty: Warzone Sniper Loadouts. Now, the best two snipers that players can use in the Battle Royale are the HDR and the AX-50. Both of these snipers pack the two most significant damage in this longe-range weapon class and provide the most accuracy, which, of course, is essential when it comes to being a successful player using sniper rifles
  3. Call of Duty: Warzone - Best Sniper Rifle - AX-50 vs HDR. We've put together all the info you need to pick out your ideal sniper - thanks to TheXclusiveAce's video guide for the testing and statistics. HDR. The first of the two you'll have access to, the HDR is a great choice and beats out the AX-50 in many categories. It has better base stats in many categories, including ADS time when kitted.
  4. ate from afar VGC This entry was posted in Game News and tagged Loadout, warzone. Bookmark the permalink. Post navigation ← Call Of Duty's New Battle Pack And In-Game Challenge Will Help Fund Veteran Employment. New Star Citizen updates → Leave.
  5. Top 5 Sniper Classes in Call of Duty Warzone - These Are Verdansk's Deadliest Rifles LW3 Tundra. It is one of the most powerful sniper rifles and the ones that do the most damage to use, and it is arguably one of the weapons of choice for this season. Of course, for experienced players, the configuration that is working for us is: Monolithic silencer; 28.2 Tiger; SFOD; Airborne elastic grip.

Die beste Sniper Waffen in Warzone - HDR gegen AX-50. Auch hier gehen die Meinungen im Internet unter den Experten auseinander. Feststeht, die beiden Sniper Waffen gehören zu den besten in Warzone. Beide weisen ähnliche Werte auf und sind bei Spielern sehr beliebt. Die AX-50 besitzt eine höhere Feuerrate, die HDR schießt hingegen auf Distanz stabiler. Die AX-50 lädt schneller nach und. The HDR sniper rifle is one of the best snipers in Call of Duty: Warzone and this loadout will have you dropping enemies without any trouble. Published May 5, 2020, 12:43 p.m. about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. by Nicholas Barth. Tens of millions of players have descended onto the battlefield of Call of Duty: Warzone and have collected plenty of kills and wins. Certain weapons have proven. Finally, players can also try another Sniper-SMG combo with the Tundra and the Modern Warfare MP5. The Tundra is one of the best snipers in the game, and it has become better with the attachment changes. The MP5 has always been a powerhouse weapon in Warzone, and it has stayed the test of time. While it may not be overpowering like the MAC-10. ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle Best Warzone Attachments. After a bit of time testing out a range of attachments, here are the best to use: Agency Moderator (Muzzle) 43.9 Combat Recon (Barrel) Bruiser Grip (Rear Grip) Airborne Elastic Wrap (Handle) 5 Rnd (Ammunition) Advertisement. This set of attachments increases damage output to such high levels that one bullet will shred through three pieces of.

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  1. That is because it has a rather high bullet drop and abysmal muzzle velocity. The setup shown here helps it possess a good firing rate, especially considering it is the only semi-automatic sniper rifle on here. That is it for now. We hope you have a great time checking out the top 5 loadouts for sniper rifles in Call of Duty: Warzone
  2. HDR, the best to kill with a bullet. With HDR, the phrase one bullet, one dead has never been truer. With colossal damage, this is clearly the sniper rifle for you if you ever want to chain kills into a bullet during your Call of Duty: Warzone games. However, as you can imagine, this weapon also has one major flaw, it is its general.
  3. Best AK74u Loadout in Warzone First things first, the GRU suppressor is a fantastic option that obviously gives you sound suppression, which stops your shots from appearing on your enemies' radars
  4. ations from afar. 1 like • 3 shares. GamesRadar - Joseph Yaden • 28d. The best Warzone sniper rifles favor the current long range meta. Although if you want no sniper glint a Marksman rifle is worth considering (as well Read more on gamesradar.com. Ga
  5. HDR: Beste Sniper für Warzone. Bei den Scharfschützengewehren empfehlen wir das HDR, wobei die AX50 auch nicht schlecht ist. Bei dem Sniper sollte man natürlich auch Aufsätze anbringen. Hier empfiehlt sich auch der Schalldämpfer (Monolith), 26,9″ HDR Pro als Lauf, FTAC Stalker-Scout als Schaft. Außerdem sollte man noch ein größeres.
  6. COD: Warzone Grau 5.56 Guide - The Best Loadout for the Grau 5.56; Call of Duty: Warzone MP7 Guide - The Best Attachments for the MP7; Optics is where you can customize your gun a bit, as there are quite a few solid options. I like the Variable Zoom since my squad typically fights from a distance, but you can also use the Thermal Sniper.
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These are the best SP-R 208 loadouts and attachments for Call of Duty: Warzone. Best SP-R 208 Loadouts and Attachments. The SP-R 208 is a ridiculously versatile marksman rifle. Depending on the attachments, it can perform as well as the longest-range sniper rifles like the HDR or AX-50 or compete with the fastest firing marksman rifles like the Mk. 2 Carbine and Kar98k. Here are the best. Warzone AX-50 Sniper Loadout; Best Warzone Loadout for a Beginner. We've made our picks for the best loadouts in Warzone, including Perks, grenades, and weapon attachments. If you're new to Modern Warfare you won't be able to stick attachments on at first, but after a few games you'll have some gear unlocked. Weapon Attachments; Primary Weapon: HDR: 26.9 HDR Pro Barrel, FTAC Hunter.

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I Am The BEST SNIPER In Warzone! A collection of clips showing some of the best snipes, squadwipes, trickshots and quickscopes that I have done in Warzone so far! Figured with a new map coming, it'd be a good time to upload this! This content isn't available right now. When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's. Make sure to check out our Warzone Battle Royale Best Drop Spots for Loot Guide too. Loadout 1 - M4A1 Sniper Combo. This Warzone loadout is beast and really dominates in both close and long-range engagements aswel as medium range. Class Setup. Perk 1: E.O.D. is a beast of a perk. Especially when protecting you in the final circle

With the latest Warzone update not only nerfing the AUG but the FFAR too, what's the latest weapon meta for April of 2021?We've put together the best loadout options to use since the latest weapon nerfs. Of course, it's important to remember that even though there are certain weapon metas in the game, everybody will have a different play style Best loadouts for Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6. The Grau 5.56 was undisputedly the best weapon in Warzone for quite some time with negligent recoil and significant range and damage. However, after multiple nerfs, its range and control are not as mighty anymore. Despite that, the Grau is still an incredibly consistent AR. Also, it is pretty. With the right strategies and techniques, you can surely become one of the best snipers in Call of Duty: Warzone. Lucky for you, we prepared this sniper strategy guide to enhance your gaming experience. Read on to know more. Create a Tactical Strategy. In every tactical shooting game, the first thing you do to prepare is to come up with a logical and feasible strategy. Since you're a sniper.

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Best Sniper Rifles attachments in CoD Modern Warfare and Warzone Articles, MW Vincenzo Skulz Milella April 12, 2020 Guides, Guns Dota 2 Overwatch Rainbow Six Siege CS:GO Valorant HotS LoL Apex Legends Genshin Impact Rocket League Teamfight Tactics PUBG Brawlhalla CoD Paladins Tekken Tech Dota Underlords About Contact U Um die Sniper zur Höchstform zu verhelfen, eignet sich vor allem ein spezielles SP-R 208-Setup in CoD: Warzone, das wir dir natürlich nicht vorenthalten wollen. Das beste SP-R 208-Setup. Die SP-R 208 ist in CoD: Warzone dermaßen stark, dass nicht nur Profi-Spieler schnell auf sie aufmerksam wurden. Dennoch empfiehlt es sich, sich bei der. CoD MW & Warzone bringt Rytec AMR ins Spiel, mit Explosionsmunition. Neues Sniper-Gewehr: Das große neue Update 1.23 aka Season 4 Reloaded bringt nicht nur zwei riesige Downloads und den 200. Sniper Rifles; Best Warzone Loudouts from the Community; SMGs. Having an SMG on hand can be useful when engaging in close to medium range battles. Depending on your style and the routes you take. The Warzone ZRG 20mm is the latest gun to be added to both the Call of Duty battle royale and Black Ops Cold War, but you don't get handed it for free. You need to unlock the ZRG 20mm sniper rifle by completing a specific challenge in-game, but what is it and is the Warzone new sniper, the ZRG 20mm, any good? This is all you need to know about.

With that said, here's our best guns and weapons in Warzone guide along with the best attachments to use on the guns: Best Guns In Warzone. Here are the best Warzone guns and weapons: 1. FFAR 1 Assault Rifle (AR) 2. MAC-10 Submachine Gun (SMG) 3. Grau 5.56 Assault Rifle (AR) 4. Kar98K Marksman Rifle; 5. Streetsweeper Shotgun; 6. CR-56 AMAX; 7 Warzone Sniper is a cool shooting game where you have to accomplish different missions while being a professional sniper. You can play this game online and for free on Silvergames.com. Grab your rifle and detect all enemy forces. The number of victims will be displayed on the screen. Eliminate that precise number of enemies to unlock new levels Warzone - Variable Zoom Snipers Bug - No Glint. Overview. Today, JGOD posted a video detailing in-depth analysis on a new bug we are seeing in the latest patch of Warzone. This is happening on all platforms including Xbox. The Variable Zoom attachment for sniper rifles in Warzone is not showing any glint currently. This is 100% broken as it has always been that any scope more than 4x zoom. Best Sniper Rifle - AX-50. This will give you a one-hit kill if you take a good enough shot, and it is more mobile than most of its competitors. Sniping is all about moving around and hiding, so. Here are the best 'Cold War' weapons in 'Warzone,' according to experts Illustration for Launcher story about Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War: Warzone (The Washington Post; Activision) B Quickscope Sniper - CoD Cold War and Warzone Operators & Identity Item Store Pack. Check which guns and skins are in this pack and the price. Skip to content. History. Store History ; Armory History List; Armory; Blueprints; Ops & Id; Operators. CW Operators; MW Operators; News; Merch; Fortnite 16.30 Latest Leaks; Apex Legends; Valorant; Fall Guys; FN 16.30 Leaks. Valorant Store. 2000 COD.

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